Developers Assemble!

the Abilities Hackathon, a collaborative effort to engage the tech community in human-centered design practices for individuals with needs related to their impacted abilities.

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March 10 - 12, 2017

Weekend Hackathon

April 18, 2017

Winner Showcase

$15,000 in prizes

and entry to the Aging2.0 Accelerator

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Our Team

Ed Slattery
Organizer, FANN Design
Jake Tunney
Organizer, I3 Healthcare and Aging2.0
Shawn Grimes
Organizer, Digital Harbor Foundation
Barbara Holt
Developer, Johns Hopkins University
Sam Frank
Organizer, Developer and Aging2.0
Maren Rey
Organizer, Avila Homecare and Aging2.0
Alex Benfield
Consultant, Aging2.0